Earth period [ 3.1 ]-01

OUR FOCUS IS Earth. Period.

As the vast majority of the Earth is exploited and utilized for the interests of extremely powerful corporations and special interests that do not require natural food, clean air, clear water, or natural biodiversity to continue into perpetuity, we must snap out of the spell they have cast upon us.    


The heavy polluting and nature exploiting corporations may provide jobs, but they are provided for individuals to perform specific, well-crafted functions and defined as a part of an elaborate need quarterly to increase earnings per share with disregard for the planet or our own long term survival needs.


Corporations only need money to survive and the greed of more money and less competition creates monopolization. As humanity and civilizations mimic the corporate model claiming ownership and control of the animals and land rights of nature claiming ownership and control while minimizing the world's diversity of life, disastrous consequences will be delivered upon the door steps of humanity.


True sustainability can only be found by changing the focus from the simplicity of economics as the cost of goods for consumption.  We must also include and their sourcing, construction, emission levels, and most importantly their lasting impacts on the planet.


Global sustainability is required as nature is not found at the boundary lines of nations.  A unified front can only be found when enough humans on the planet demand the changes required to save us all from the disastrous trajectory of the powerful.


As we become more aware of our surroundings and the impacts we are having at a macro level, it becomes clearly into focus that humanities priorities are misaligned.  Gaining a deep understanding of the value of our planet for the longevity of all known life on the universe becomes conciously clear.

Campaign for Nature!

Campaign for Nature within in the political systems of humanity.  Politicians that make legislative and regulatory decisions need to modernize the laws based on scientific and technological advancements needing undeniable urgency.


Dear Senators, Representatives, Governors, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Speaker of the House, Secretary, and any other governmental leaders in positions of power to represent the good of humanity, we are counting on you to keep working to come to a consensus on legislation that includes meaningful climate action, creates clean energy and technological jobs for the future, and supports communities that have historically been hit hardest by climate impacts. We must reduce emissions drastically by the end of the decade if we are to avert climate catastrophe. We need legislation that will accelerate our transition to a sustainable future. We can't wait any longer to address the crisis passing it down to future generations of politicians, and failure is not an option. We are asking you to do your part to protect the prosperity civilization has advanced us to live within.


Make your Voice Heard.

When you share your concerns about how the planet is being treated with your friends and family it provides a caring voice of reason and can make a difference!

Your voice and your actions matter.  Use your time and resources to show you care about your true home, the Planet Earth.

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