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Moving to mars is not the answer.  Living in the metaverse is not the reality.  Preserving the only true home of all known life to ever come into existence in the universe is the answer.  Join the Movement to preserve the planet!


Nature Trust Fund 3.2-01

We must Trust Nature. We must Fund the return of Nature.  Be the Voice for Nature itself.  Become empowered to make a difference today!


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The pledge to value the Earth and put the planet into all your rational decisions from votings, to purchasing, to conversation and deep discussion with the people around you.  To inform yourself as well as those you love.  Take steps of actions toward the path of becoming part of the solution.


Our environments are limited to the options the people in positions of power provide to us.  We are each empowered to unite for our concerns around common goals of creating and finding paths to better options while encouraging others to self educate and share truths with the people in our networks.  


It is clear if we choose to unite collectively, our voices will amplify.  History has shown when people are presented with the truth and urgency, actions will follow.  Pledge to protect Earth.




Face forward into reaility

The options for how to live on Earth are clear for all to see.  Ignore the truth's that are abundantly obvious or accept that real change is going to be required to protect our way of life on this planet.  The choice is clear accept reality.


Actions make a difference.

Membership allows us reach out and provide meaningful ways for you to volunteer in impactful ways.  

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You have a voice.  Use it to speak out to the people you love, people you work with, and to your community leaders.  

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How do I know climate change is real?

The evidence is overwhelming.

For example since 1959 when Alaska became a state more than 3.5 trillion tons of glacial ice has melted at an ever increasing pace.  Glaciers are loosing 31% more snow and ice per year than they did just 15 years ago.

Another example is that six out of the largest seven wildfires in California occurred in just 2020 and 2021.  Forest Fire intensity is increasing drastically worldwide.

How long will it be before the environmental consequences affect me?

Not long if it has not affected you yet.  From rising sea levels to draughts to more intense storms to unpredictable widespread wildfires to the dead zones in the ocean from over fishing and everything in-between we will all see the affects soon if we have not yet.  That is why we need to all make planetary preservation a top priority.

I purchased my land from the bank, not from Nature. Don't I have a right to do with it as I please?

This may seem to be the case however each individuals time is very limited in comparison to Nature's timeline.  We all need to respect the natural development that has taken millions of years to masterfully orchestrate.

Why should I care if the problems are not impacting my lifetime?

The impacts are already showing drastic consequences of people falsely and selfishly believing it will be for the future generations of people to live with.  The children of today deserve to inherit what is truly valuable in life, a living planet that can provide the irreplaceable needs of survival.

Can one person really make a difference?

With unity and common goals each person can make a difference.  We are The Environmentalists want to provide options that promote unified actions that cannot be ignored.  Humanity is made up of individuals and the power of our voice is amplified with every additional environmentalists taking actions to spread the truth in the face of disinformation.

What about how other people of the world are living. If they will not change, why should I?

In America citizens are told they are leaders of the world taking pride in the past when America stepped up and lead the world in bold new directions.  Americans and all developed nations that have only became highly developed by polluting and over exploiting the resources of the planet need to lead the way out of the crisis.