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What do I do to become a practicing Environmentalist? It’s simple! For a minimum of 10 minutes a day, create awareness in your own circles about the condition of Earth while gaining knowledge.  Truth is Power!


You can simply do this by talking to your family & friends, sharing a video or message, posting on social media, amplifying the various facts and content, and sharing posts from Environmentalistic and other organizations promoting positive messages and awareness about the value of Earth. It's just 10 minutes a day, which is only a little to ask for in order to be a part of the solution of the lack of awareness.


The Earth needs real commitments, from creators to entertainers, to bring forward compelling, real world stories and events. The Earth needs news broadcasting to cover the actual risks we face, not simply telling people about what they want to hear and what brings ratings.  


The Earth needs you!

Money cannot buy a new planet.

Money is no substitute for inheritance of a livable planet.


What is money for besides convenient survival needs and wants of comfort for you and your family?  Hoarding electronic money is much more harmful to the mind than hoarding material items. People refuse to let money go freely and become attached to it as part of their self identify.


You cannot truly identify yourself with money any more than with material items. Identity is about who you are, not what you temporarily possess. Most people focus on what they have to build identity, while the essence of who they are is minimized.


This organization exists to promote actions that spread the true value of the natural planet and protect it so it can continue to be a livable and hospitable home for all of our families and future generations to prosper.

Nature is the most valueble asset.

Protect Nature and we Protect Ourselves.


Every organization on Earth feeds on capital. It needs no oxigen, water, food, or offspring to continue in perpetudity. Organizations do not get sick, polluted, or unhealthy except though public outrage that could threaten their ability to continue with the objectives of capitalization. It is the people that need all of these things to continue in perpetudity. We cannot let organizations decide what is done with the Earth's resources for our survival.


It's important to realize and acknowledge that each of us is contributing to the problems that exist from humanities oversized global footprint on this planet.  Will can also chose to be empowered to take actions that contribute to the solution.


Collaborate with Creative and Innovative thinkers with proficencies and expertice that lends itself naturally toward making the world a better place.

Nature Quotes:

"Choose only one master—nature."

~ Rembrandt

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." 

~ Frank Lloyd Wright

"The earth has music for those who listen." 

~ William Shakespeare



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