Deceptive Renewable Energy.

Renewable energy accounts for 1/3rd of all electricity however that is mileading as biofuels from primarily from corn and biomass that is primarily from trees are placed into the renewable energy statistics. Just because an energy is labeled as renewable it does not make it better than fossil fuels. There is no current risk of oil being depleted from Earth.

The need is not to find additional fuels that also polute and even worse in many cases lead to deforestation to burn trees instead of oil. Or biofuels made from farm crops that requre carbon intensive man made firtilizers to produce supercrops.

40% of corn is grown for biofuels such as ethenal that has been shown from research used to drive subidies to have at least 10% better environmental impact than gasoline however that does not take into account the massive amount of land that is used and that land is not being used for human plant foods.

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